The Build: Cob Pizza Oven

Site preparation, concrete work, rock work, cob form, cob work, and finally Pizza.

Elevated concrete ring for the oven to sit on. The interior recieves tin foil, sand and firebricks cut to shape.

Site preparation: crumbling loose rock wall removed, posts set for concrete slab.

After slab and rock work - the oven form: a modified Dogloo.

Cob built up in layers. 8-10 inch walls. Cob = sand, clay, cement ( approx 8%), vermiculite, lots of straw, water and a cement mixer.

Interior form removed. Ready to add another 4" or so of Cob wall.

Just need to add a decorative layer of Lime Putty with artwork, a fire proof door ( last one burned to a crisp) and finsh rock work/planting.

Impatience exemplified. Traditionally you're supposed to wait for the the oven to reach temperature and cook with the embers.  But .....Pizza!